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The idea is that this will allow stylelife to customize your missions to your experience level. Customizing a dating program is not easy to do, even face to face, so with an automatically customized system, one of the first things I wanted to look at was how it would customize the course based on my assessment test.

If it did well it could be a big advantage of the program, if not it could detract a lot of the value from the content. I did the personal analysis test, first, as if I was a complete beginner. Evaluated that for a few days, and then redid the test with my real details which I won't divulge here, but you can imagine after 8 years as a pick-up artist what these may be. The test is based on how many sexual partners you've had, girls you've kissed in the last 2 months and how long you've been in long term relationships. Some pretty basic, but useful criteria to assess someone's experience level.

The MSI compares your success with that of all the other guys who have taken the test. The AEI is a little harder to understand, but I believe that Stylelife has set an optimum level that they judge to be the highest potential of men and calculated based on that rather than data from students. The output also identified me as "The Party Guy" type.

So the test was pretty accurate. But what about the missions that were given as a result? Once you have done the test you can get started on the missions straight away.

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You can complete a maximum of 2 per day, and you write a journal entry on them once completed which the instructors will evaluate and then give you feedback as necessary. If you finish both missions in a day you can also do an extra credit mission, and report back on your progress on it in the forums.

The missions are presented on one page in text and are relatively brief in terms of instructions - this was a disappointing point for me also. If there had been some supporting content such as video to demonstrate missions this would a lot more helpful and motivational. I was looking for demonstration videos I'd heard about, but couldn't find them. The Missions for Beginners: Some Useful, Some Quirky. My missions as a beginner were very straightforward in courses named 'develop your identity', 'conquer social anxiety' and 'achieve super confidence'.

I found some of them to be 'off topic'. The strangest example was a mission that asked me to perform menial tasks to my best throughout a day. Whilst I understand the reasoning behind it building your sense of achievement and ability to do things , I don't agree in anyway that this is going to help anyone improve their dating life. Having said this, there were other missions that weren't directly related to dating or pick up, but more general social skills that are a strong point of the program, as they build overall social skills.

The vast majority of dating products fail to address this important aspect which is important for dating beginners. I'd put down having a few previous girlfriends and basically having a not very active girl life other than that in the personal test - but I felt like it was treating me like someone who needed to build some confidence even before thinking about women which is fine, since I've had students with that requirement myself in the past, but in this case it wasn't relevant.

Otherwise, the course topics were sound and very relevant for a beginner - I was disappointed with the quality of the missions themselves. The Missions for Advanced: Moving on to the missions I got with my advanced profile. The level of mission difficulty definitely went up, making it more challenging. One was to use "a lock in prop" on a girl. This is still what I'd call beginner level, but more challenging. The first extra credit mission they gave me however, was "Train a Pivot", definitely an advanced level mission. Talking with other students I can see that the mission structure actually works well for the majority of students, steadily increasing the challenge they get.

I didn't receive any feedback from my few days of using the program and journaling about my missions. I didn't ask any specific questions in my notes though. Faculty Online Chat Ultimate Sessions The Stylelife VIP elite discussion forum is a great part of the offering, there are a lot of posts - at the time of writing it had nearly , individual posts amassed from its students and instructors combined. There is a strong collegial and supportive feel in the forum with students helping each other and instructors stepping in to add advice when necessary.

This is aided by the strong course structure provided by the missions - so students have to tackle the same issues. An interesting part is also the section on Field Reports from the instructors where they describe their outings and attach photos and short videos from time to time. This will be motivational to read, as there are a lot of successes recorded there. It also has Style's old archive of posts from when he was learning. Stylelife names its chat sessions F. Faculty Online Chat Ultimate Sessions.

These are another good point of the program, giving you the ability to talk directly with instructors when you have a sticking point.

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The Bottom Line In summary, the Stylelife Academy, is well suited for beginners and should be effective in taking you to an intermediate level of experience and getting reasonable success with women. This is clearly not a course for anyone more experienced who is already getting some success with women. T- there are better, more well suited products out there if you have more experience.

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An online membership program where beginners to dating advice get coached through missions to steadily improve their dating skills and abilities to approach and attract women. Cancel your enrollment at any time. If you cancel in the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund.

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