Attach the other end of the skimmer pump's airline tubing to the slide through on the body of the skimmer--or to the top nipple on the standpipe tower. Seat the skimmer cup onto the skimmer body. For many types, the cup merely sits inside the inner seam on top of the skimmer body and light pressure is needed to seat the gasket. For most other types, the skimmer cup edge turns into a groove. For this type a small dab of petroleum jelly placed on the inside "track" will allow the cup to more readily twist on.

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  • How do I Set Up a Protein Skimmer?.
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  • How to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium Protein Skimmer.
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Place the skimmer cup top onto the skimmer and move side to side until the cup aligns with the grooves in the skimmer top. Watch the body of the skimmer as it fills with swirling bubbles. If the consistency of swirling bubbles is constant, and water is returning to the drain chamber via the skimmer's pipe outlet, then your skimmer is operating properly.

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The skimmer may want to "float" in water until it is operational. During this initial period the pump might be loud. Once a balance is achieved the pump should be fairly quiet and the skimmer body should be filling with bubbles. If the pump remains loud, unplug the pump and plug back in. Consult the manufacturer if the problem continues.

When using electricity with the home aquarium, there is always the possibility of shock. For added safety, plug all aquarium equipment into a ground fault circuit interrupt outlet and use drip loops. Aimee Boyle is a regular weekly contributor on issues pertaining to women's health for "EmpowHer.

How to Set Up a Protein Skimmer? - Aquarium Adviser

By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use. Skip to main content. Rinse out the skimmer body and cup with distilled or reverse osmosis water. Attach the skimmer's airline tubing to the nipple on the skimmer pump intake. Stack the egg crate pieces together and secure with zip ties, and cut off any excess. Push the drain plug into the small hole on the bottom of the drain cup. Plug the skimmer into a ground fault circuit interrupt outlet or power supply.

Aquarium Protein Skimmers: Guide to Type, Placement, Maintenance, Cost and Ozonizer

Before moving to the installation guidelines for a protein skimmer, we need to show you the 4 basic types of protein skimmers. Keep in mind, some skimmers can be utilized in more than one application, which means they can be utilized as an in-sump or hang on skimmer. Here are the basic types of protein skimmers: As the name depicts, these protein skimmers hang strongly on the back of your aquarium system.

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  • How to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium Protein Skimmer | Animals -!
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They are important for aquariums that are not running a sump. The protein skimmer will helpfully hang on the edge of an aquarium like how a power water filter clings to a fish tank. In general, hang on protein skimmers are made specifically for smaller aquarium systems i. These protein skimmers consume less space, thus giving you the chance to put them right inside your aquarium. In spite of their thin size, they make a great showing when it comes to removing organics and dirt from aquarium water.

How to Set Up a Protein Skimmer?

A standout among the most well-known in tank protein skimmers is made specifically for nano aquariums. These protein skimmers are made to sit within the sump of an aquarium system. It is among this sub-skimmer class you will discover the most options available as far as size and style are concern. Water coming directly from the sump of your aquarium system is fed into the external skimmer.

While there are four basic protein skimmer types, there are innumerable styles and sizes. To go through the setting up guidelines for all the types would be quite difficult; we will rather focus on the guidelines common between each protein skimmer type. We suggest that you follow the instructions that accompany your protein skimmer if there is any.

Protein Skimmers, Test Kits, Carbon and Acclimation - EP:2 How to set up a saltwater aquarium

Here are the vital things you will need for setting up a protein skimmer: For instance, if your tank has a capacity of gallons, then select a skimmer that is well-known to have up to gallon capacity. Carefully check out the protein skimmer before installing it. Diverse skimmer designs utilize diverse parts.

Make sure that the maker has included and arranged all the essential parts, based on the setup of the maker, and that the engine works as required. It is smarter to check this out now rather than after removing any current hardware from your aquarium system. Connect both the output and intake hoses from the aquarium water to the pump inside the sump box. Connect the pump to it.